Why are we called Lutherans?


We are Christians first and foremost. We also know that the Christian faith does not exist in a vacuum. We have a point of view about what we believe the Christian faith is and what it means. That's where the name Lutheran comes in. We take our name from the great 16th century Christian reformer, Martin Luther.


2017 celebrated a pivotal day in the history of the Christian Church (October 31, 1517). On that day, 500 years ago, Martin posted an invitation to debate on the door of a local church in Wittenberg, Germany.  Luther's ideas were destined to shake the Church to its' foundations. That day marked the beginning of what became known as the Protestant Reformation. 


In his struggle to understand himself in relation to God, Martin re-discovered, through his study of the Bible, the message of God's love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. To put it simply, as he read the Bible he came to understand that reconciliation between God and people is a free gift of God, received by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We do not earn this gift by anything we think, say or do. In Jesus Christ God has chosen us.

The faith of the Lutheran church is grounded in Holy Scripture and expressed in the historic creeds and the historic confessions of the church; A faith in continuity with the church throughout the ages and which provides stability in often chaotic times.

Are You New to the Christian Faith?

The best way to find out about our faith and raise questions is to meet some Christians. 


You are invited to join us in worship on Sunday mornings. Pastor Mark offers a Bible study every Sunday morning following the service. That's a good place to start. Questions are welcome and you will meet other folks who are exploring Christian faith and life.


And remember, it does not matter how much or how little you know about the Christian faith or the Bible. We are all  learners together.