It's just a fact; people can often be lonelier in big cities and sprawling suburbs than in small towns and rural areas. The bigger the city, the lower the depth of individual relationships. So they’re looking for an authentic, meaningful connection and intimacy. They’re looking for real community. We understand this.


Here at Lutheran Church of the Master you are not a demographic but a person.


We are not looking for perfect people. We want to help one another, in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, to be real and honest about the losses, struggles, temptations, hurts and hopes of living. At the same time we joyfully celebrate the new life that is ours in Christ.


We will not try to market you into our church with fads and gimmicks. What we offer is what has changed lives across the generations: the simple, clear, authentic Christian message  - the Good News of God's grace, forgiveness and love revealed in Jesus, with no frills. .

Should you come to worship with us, you will find yourself within a community of Jesus-followers deeply rooted in the solid teachings of Holy Scripture and seeing ourselves as living in continuity with 2,000 years of Christian faith and life – sometimes called ‘tradition’. We have not tried to accommodate our worship to the restlessness of an ever-changing, anxious world. Nothing could be more relevant in such a world than the richness, depth and stability of traditional worship forms that have brought the Gospel to and sustained the lives of believers across the centuries.

Join us! You will be loved mightily for just showing up, even with your doubts in tow.

You are always welcome here.


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On behalf of the congregation,


Pastor Mark Anderson