Worship This Week

 The Third Sunday



March 15, 2020


              This Weeks' Order of Worship
      A Contemporary From of the Lord's Supper

Life offers a seemingly endless variety of opportunities for recreation. And we all enjoy them. But recreation is not the same as re-creation. That is where worship comes in. As we gather in worship, God brings us the re-creating word of the Gospel - in word and sacrament, assuring us of forgiveness and making us new creatures in Christ through His word of promise.

Recreation can recharge the batteries for daily living. The re-creating Word of God actually makes us new persons in Christ by His promise, filling us with the faith, hope and love that are the Christian's true power source for living.



1st Sunday and Festival Sundays ~ Traditional Liturgy of Holy Communion with Pipe Organ


2nd and 4th Sundays ~ The Service of the Word (A service used when the Lord's Supper is not celebrated) with Pipe Organ


3rd and 5th Sundays ~ Contemporary setting of the Lord's Supper.

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